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Dynasty FC's forthcoming integration into the Volt League marks a significant step forward for both the team and the league. Discussions between David Arboleda, the team's owner, and league officials have been ongoing since the summer of 2023. A mutual agreement was reached to enhance the league's competitive landscape, with Volt League reserving two spots in the first division for Dynasty FC and another yet-to-be-announced team. This decision was solidified before Volt League's plans for a secondary division, Volt League Two, were finalized. The rationale behind Dynasty FC's direct entry into the first division lies in their established reputation for playing at a high level within the HFA Premier league. Recognizing the team's prowess and competitive edge, the Volt League saw an opportunity to immediately elevate the caliber of competition within its top tier by welcoming Dynasty FC.

This strategic move is set to come to fruition in the upcoming 24/25 season. With David Arboleda's leadership and the talent pool within Dynasty FC, the team is poised to make a significant impact on the Volt League. Known for their physicality and competitive spirit, Dynasty FC aims not only to pursue victories but also to inspire the community and provide a platform for grassroots teams to flourish within the Volt League ecosystem. Through this collaboration, the Volt League aims to solidify its position as one of the city's premier sporting competitions, attracting new members seeking a professional and challenging environment.

Intagram: @tee_hou

Goalkeeper Dynasty FC : Taha Albayaty

Instagram: @nsegbecarson

Ngsebe Carson

Instagram: @nsegbecarson

Ngsebe Carson

Instagram: @brun_b10

Bruno Klikan

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