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Green Flag FC is BACK!

Green Flag FC is thrilled

to announce its return to the Volt League, replacing the Desacato FC club. This decision was made as part of our preparations for the upcoming Ecuador Volt League. We believe it's crucial to have a well-established house hold name participating in this exciting new South American project. While some may wonder why Green Flag FC isn't starting from the V2 division, it's because our brand is an official Volt League club, and the league cannot afford to lose a brand that represents its core values. Previous collaborations, such as Houston Town and Nemesis, have withdrawn from the league, potentially damaging the league's rich history and culture. To simplify, Green Flag FC is essentially swapping places with Desacato FC.

Leo FC, a former HFA squad, has made the decision to join our league project. They will be competing in the Volt League under the league's franchise system, as spots in the V2 League were unavailable. Leo FC-now-Green Flag FC committed to building a highly competitive squad that we will shine a spotlight on. We are delighted to welcome them as a new addition to the league, aiming to resolve the issues we previously encountered with teams that lacked the capacity to compete against powerhouses like Ghosttown, Juniors, Seinfeld, and International.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce upcoming additions to the league, which will allow us to have a highly competitive 10-team league. Stay tuned for more information on these developments.

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