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Houston Rovers have unveiled a brand-new crest design, crafted by Creative Football Studios. As the Volt League continues to carve its niche in American soccer culture, with aspirations to become a global brand, it became imperative to make changes that would elevate the marketing experience for the club. The decision to rebrand was driven by the realization that the previous crest, inspired by Italy's AS Roma, could potentially lead to copyright issues in the future. Consequently, both the league and the club have given the green light for this transformation. While the name "Houston Rovers" is no more, "Rovers FC" is here to stay. The club has chosen to honor its trajectory in the league's project by retaining the iconic red and gold color scheme, symbolizing their triumphs in the Division 2 League, Volt Cup, and Super Cup – a remarkable three-title run in just two seasons. Notably, the new crest features a wolf that embodies Rovers FC's unique identity, distinguishing it from any association with AS Roma and ensuring that it truly represents the club's spirit and image moving forward.

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