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Houston Town (Volt League Champions) v Desacato FC (Volt Cup Champions)

This exciting match up will be the first 11v11 final hosted by the Volt League brand and it promises to be exciting as one of these to clubs try to clinch their second ever title.

Taking a look back at last season, these 2 teams faced each other in the Volt League semifinals that Houston Town won 4 - 1, led by the league's top scorer Hilary Aipoh. On the other hand Desacato FC were able to get their pay back match in the Volt Cup final against Houston Town, where the game ended 2-1 in favor of Desacato in regular time, earning

Desacato FC their first championship after losing 2 finals in the 2021 Season.


Game time: 6 PM

Date: Saturday Nov 26th, 2022

Place: Memorial Hermann Sports Park

Where to watch: Youtube live VOLTLEAGUETV


Houston Town and Desacato have faced each other in 4 different occasions.

Desacato FC have won 3 out of the 4 official games they have played in their history.

2021 Volt Cup Houston: Town 1 - 3 Desacato FC

2022 Regular Season: Desacato FC 4 - 2 Houston Town

2022 League Semifinal: Houston Town 4 - 1 Desacato FC

2022 Volt Cup Final: Houston Town 1 - 2 Desacato FC


Houston Town are currently going through a rebuild with new additions to the club, one of their main ones being Jimmy Villegas a former Frankfurt Athletic player, Villeagas was Frankfurt's best player in the 2021 season. On the other side with Desacato FC were able to keep most of their key players from last season and have added a few young players.

From what's been shown during the HCC, Desacato FC look to have an edge on the Super Cup match, they have shown their power and we witnessed it when they played FC Seinfeld twice earning 2 wins against a club that have had a successful rebuild led by Edgar Herrera putting together one of the best squads in the league.

The Nigerian Hilary Aipoh and the French man Saunier are the key players for Houston Town to win the final.

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