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Ghosttown Saints FC crest redesign by Creative Football Studios Agency .

Introducing the new crest of Ghosttown Saints, one of the four approved crests earlier this year. This iconic logo, originally created in 2017, has been revitalized while maintaining the essence that makes Ghosttown one of the most renowned brands in the league. We aimed to preserve the familiar feel of the first crest while enhancing its visual impact with new elements that exude an intimidating aura. The addition of piercing red eyes provides a distinctive feature that sets the crest apart. Furthermore, we have reworked the zigzag patterns and increased the size of the fonts, resulting in a bolder and more captivating design.

Ghosttown Saints holds a significant place in the Volt League as the first franchise ever created, even though it didn't debut in the inaugural season. The inspiration behind the crest lies in the concept of embracing life with unwavering determination and standing firm for what you believe in. It represents the courage to be fearless, bold, and instill fear in others within a town that you build from scratch—a town where luck has no place as you create your own destiny.

Join us in celebrating the powerful symbolism behind the new Ghosttown Saints crest, reflecting the team's unwavering spirit and their relentless pursuit of success.

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