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Mauricio Garza assumes ownership of FC Seinfeld, a cherished institution within the Volt League, having clinched the inaugural championship upon the league's inception in 2020. Armed with formidable connections within Spain's esteemed Kings League, Garza sees immense potential for the Volt League's expansion across North America. His entrance into the fold signals a renewed commitment to propelling both the team and the league to unprecedented heights, emphasizing the Volt League's steadfast dedication to innovation and community engagement.

Recognizing the club's current relegation predicament, Garza embraces the challenge with confidence, pledging to steer FC Seinfeld towards its short-term objective of retaining its position in the first division. Moreover, he envisions a bold new era marked by a surge of creativity, captivating content, and groundbreaking innovations that will redefine the club's identity and amplify its brand presence.

Garza's vision aligns seamlessly with the Volt League's overarching mission to reshape the soccer landscape, drawing in fresh talent and fostering a culture of impactful contributions within the soccer community. His integration into the Volt League family heralds a promising chapter filled with dynamic possibilities and collective aspirations for soccer enthusiasts worldwide.

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