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Last Sunday AC Juniors and Juventus Academy Houston played in the friendly tournament (Houston Community Cup) the game ended 1-1. This match of the week featured a great game played at a high intensity that left AC Juniors with 2 red cards and Juventus A.H. with 1 red card. Playing against an honorable academy that represents a global brand worldwide is key to the growth of the league, and it helps us be recognized for the talent emerging from our league's clubs.

Juan Hernandez, the head coach for Juventus Academy Houston, helped facilitate his club to be part of our friendly cup as a guest club.

As our partnership with Adidas grows it is essential that the league hosts more games and build relationships with other Adidas brand clubs, which helps showcase the brand at a higher level, and through there we allow talents in our city to be recognized and take their next step in their career as a professional player.

Photography by Aldo Canale - IG: @aldoc_photography

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