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Don Garber MLS commissioner talked about Houston becoming a powerful soccer city and congratulated Houston on being a host city for the 2026 World Cup. Along Harris County - Houston Sports Association CEO Janis Burke and Houston Dynamo owner Ted Segal talked about how grassroots projects in the city are essential to build a true soccer identity to inspire everyone in the city to support the beautiful game. As the World Cup approaches, city officials and football leaders are taking a step forward to make the game more accessible creating a support system that focuses on infrastructure and introducing to everyone a classic and modern soccer elements to elevate the game.

Don Garber mentioned the positive effect the city will have after the 2026 World Cup, and to have these expected results city, club, and the league will work together to generate the expected outcome in terms of culture, infrastructure, brand, and making Houston more appealing for more big name talents in the future.

HC-HSA CEO Janis Burke on soccer infrastructure plans for the city which will include more soccer field and more accessibility for people to enjoy soccer as well as support to grassroots projects around the city and how it is important for every citizen to enjoy the World Cup.

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